Managers and employees of Texas Roadhouse were recognized for their contribution to Veterans Day 2021 by offering complimentary meals.

On the 21st of November 2021, Sunday evening, a eagle court of honor was held for Tyler Brock. A personal representative from Senator Crapo office was present to acknowledge Tyler Brock for his achievement. Mr. Kermit Morrison and Mr. Richard Hollingsworth, with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #735, was present to present Tyler Brock with a “Certificate of Recognition” for his outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership ability evidenced by his attainment of the rank of Eagle Scout.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #735 had the the honor and the privilege to carry the colors and lead the “Pocatello Christmas Night Light Parade” held on the 26th of November 2021, Friday evening. In the picture from left to right: Mr. Owen Buffaloe, Mr. Wes Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mr. David Platt, Mrs. Denise Munsee, and Mr. Richard Hollingsworth.

On the 28th of November 2021, Sunday Eve, a Eagle Court of Honor was held for Shayne Kennedy and Boyd Ashcraft. Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Corey Curr, the Scout Master for Troop #1295. The Eagle Challenge and Oak was verbally given by Shelly Moulton, with the troop committee. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #735, had the honor to present to both Eagles, Shayne Kennedy and Boyd Ashcraft with a “Certificate of Recognition” for their outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership ability evidenced by they’re attainment of the rank of Eagle Scout. Mr. Kermit Morrison, Mr. David Platt and Mr. Richard Hollingsworth were present to give the awards.

On behalf of Post 735, VFW, Doreen Ray, president of Post 735 Auxillary and Richard Hollingsworth, Post 735 Commander, presented Certificates, medals, and monetary awards to Patriot’s Pen winners. All schools with middleschool-age-students in our area were supplied with application materials.

1st Place

Jenna Bree Moncur

2nd Place

Isaac S. Summerill

3rd Place

Cole Knapp

3rd Place

Heidi Crowder

Not present

On behalf of Post 735, VFW, Doreen Ray, president of Post 735 Auxillary and Richard Hollingsworth, Post 735 Commander, presented Certificates, medals, and monetary awards to Voice of Democracy winners. All schools with highschool-age-students in our area were supplied with application materials.

1st Place

Michael Anthony Hoskin

2nd Place

Forrest C. Morgan

3rd Place

Zoe E. Zufelt

November 11, 2021,Texas Roadhouse, in Pocatello, recognized all veterans for their service to our country. The Veterans of Foreign Wars, post #735, were present, displaying all military branch flags out side the restaurant. Inside, the Veterans of Foreign Wars post #735 handed out “Buddy Poppies” to all those who entered the establishment with a greeting of  “Happy Veterans Day”.

Richard Hollingsworth

and Owen Buffaloe

Don Porter and Deborah Harmon

Don Porter, Gary Truscott, Regina Kline, Doreen Truscott, Mrs. Dover

Nick Klein and Deborah Harmon

Kurt Camerud

and Owen Buffaloe

Frank Ortega receives the Pocatello Veterans Honor Guard Certificate of Appreciation for his expertise as he cleaned, lubricated and maintained the rifles used to fire volleys for Military Rites for deceased veterans.

Frank Ortega receives two awards at the regular August 12, 2021 meeting of the Post 735 Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Frank Ortega is joined by his wife an the other retired US Marines present at the Post 735 regular meeting.

Frank Ortega received the Post 735 Veterans of Foreign Wars Exemplary Citizen Award for his creativity and strong willingness to place other’s needs before his.  He is recognized as a Good Samaritan and an Exemplary Citizen.

Deborah Harmon shared a brief autobiography at the regular August 18, 2021 meeting of Post 735.

As a Navy Brat, Deborah grew up in Coronado, California. She enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1976 and was sent to San Antonio, Texas, for basic training. The Air Force at that time wasn’t prepared for an influx of women so training was limited. She didn’t fire the M16 until she was assigned overseas.

     Assigned to Material Management, she traveled to Lowry AFB, Denver, Colorado to learn her job through OJT and mandatory correspondence courses. In addition to issuing tools and supplies, she also learned to drive a forklift, a deuce and a half, and to load trailers.

     Later, she was assigned to Andrews AFB, Maryland where she unloaded tractor trailers and small trucks and inventoried the incoming materials. She vividly remembers unloading a truckload of un-palleted very fragile clay pigeons during a snowstorm.

     Deborah’s first overseas assignment was to RAF Lakenheath AB, England where she maintained spare parts and supplies for F111F aircraft as well as all defensive weapons on the base. She recalls the twice yearly inventory of base defensive weapons and credits work with the F111F’s for her permanent hearing loss.

     Her next station was Malmstrom AFB, Montana which was a missile base and NORAD operation. Malmstrom was very quiet and Deborah became the training NCO. She fondly remembers an airman she convinced to keep up with his training who, years later when she was in Panama, greeted her as an E7 and thanked her for her persistence.

     After 13 months, Deborah received orders to Guam. She worked in the Inspection Section and was surprised to discover the serviceable condition for dog food could be extended by tasting it – according to the US Air Force veterinarian.

     After Guam she was assigned to Homestead AFB, Florida where she was the supervisor for Combat Oriented Supply Operations and also maintained the Hurricane Kits. She was transferred to Panama and had her household goods shipped to California. Later she discovered her household goods had been destroyed by Hurricane Andrew.

     Deborah was in Panama for operation Just Cause where she witnessed invasion activities on the flight line and combat air traffic throughout the night. She was then transferred to Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. Deborah was sent TDY to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm and retired from the US Air Force in 1996.

Post 735 Veterans of Foreign Wars float entered in the August 14, 2021 Chubbuck Days parade.

Kermit Morrison spearheaded the float-building effort with participation by Richard Hollingsworth, Deborah Harmon, David Platt, Wes Jones, Mike Evans, Grace Jacobson, Darwin Morrison and Nelda Morrison. Special thanks to Wilks Funeral Home and Motor Sports for their support.

Have you wondered who is behind the huge 40 by 80 foot American flag on Hawthorne Road?

Gander RV & Outdoors erects American flags at all of its locations.

Mr. Richard Sharp, General Manager of Gander RV, accepts the Patriotic Citizen Award from John Dannunzio, Adjutant General for Post 735 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

July 13, 2021, at the Blackfoot Air Show, the Veterans of Foreign Wars information booth was manned by John Dannunzio .

Kermit Morrison traveled further up the road to visit the Rexburg Air Museum and recall his days as a Caribou Chief.

David Platt, Don Dover, and Ron Chatterton and Richard Hollingsworth led the parade colors

July 3, 2021, Raising the American Flag at the LDS Stake Center in Thyee, a VFW and the Pocatello Veterans Honor Guard combined event.

Other Participants included Mike Evans, Chester Avery, Kristin Larsen, Clint Hollingsworth, Jan Heinz, Kermit Morrison, and John D’Annunzio.

Doreen Prescott shared highlights of her life with members of VFW Post 735 members at our regular meeting on June 16.

Doreen recalled her flight from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Orlando, Florida as a “good time, like going to summer camp.” Then, when they arrived at Boot Camp, the bus driver stopped the bus, stood up and started screaming at the recruits. Boot Camp was physically easy but took its toll on her because of her immaturity and naivety.    

Her first duty station was NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida where her first job was cleaning the barracks. In 1981 Doreen was offered NAS Barber’s Point, Hawaii with the caveat that she extend her enlistment for one more year. She extended and transferred.

After being harassed for her gender and rating, she hit the books and studied electronics and electricity and advanced to 3rd class Petty Officer in 1982 and 2nd class Petty Officer in 1984.

Doreen was transferred to NAS Fallon, Nevada in 1984 in an F-18 squadron. She was advanced to 1st Class Petty Officer and in 1988 was transferred to NAS North Island, Coronado, California as an instructor. In 1990 she was advanced to Chief Petty Officer and in 1991 she was transferred to Recruiting District San Diego. In 1993, she was transferred back to NAS North Island.

In 1994, she was froked to Senior Chief Petty Officer and applied to the position of Senior Chief onboard the Abraham Lincoln. She packed her seabag and was assigned to CVN-72, also known as the the Lady Lincoln because it was the first carrier to have women assigned to it.

In 1997 she was transferred again to NAS North Island but this time as Leading Chief. She discovered a Senior Chief who was at ACU-5 Camp Pendleton and the Navy allowed her to swap duty positions. She retired in 1999 at the Assault Craft Unit on a Marine Base.

While still in the Navy, Doreen put herself though and extended police academy and when she retired from the Navy in 1999, she was hired by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy from which she retired in 2011.

Doreen related three discoveries she made related to her immaturity and naivete on entering the Navy. She joined the Navy because an uninformed relative told her “Army women are all gay.”

In 1980, when her sister came to visit her, a gay woman was hitting on her sister so she challenged the woman and discovered one of the lessons of life: Stand up for what you believe in.

When presented with a family emergency. She approached her Chief and said with or without his permission, she was going home. Her chief said, “Hold on Airman, we’ll get you  home.

home.” Her second lesson of life: Know when to make a stand.

In 1995, while aboard the Lady Lincoln, halfway into San Diego Harbor, they discovered they were in the middle of the America’s Cup! Someone responsible for scheduling didn’t.

David Platt provided fellow members of Post 735 VFW with a brief autobiography on April 21, 2021.

In 1965, David Platt enlisted in the US Air Force at Salt Lake City, Utah, where upon he traveled to San Antonio, Texas, for basic training. On August 1, he was sent to Wichita, Texas, at Sheppard AFB Texas where he trained as a jet aircraft mechanic. He next spent 16 months at Suffolk County AFB, New York, where he worked in air defense (F101B voodoos). He next traveled to Tripoli, Libya, in 1967, where his plane (F100C) towed targets for European alliance fighter pilots. He was discharged from the Air Force in 1968.

David then joined the Air Force Reserved for 3 years at Hill AFB (C-124) and was discharged in 1973.

He returned to Pocatello where he worked for FMC.

He rejoined the Air Force Reserves in 1979, where for 5 years he flew every month from Hill AFB to McCord AFB(C-141B). He transfered in 1984 to the 419FW at Hill AFB to work on F16’s. He was sent to Tyndall AFB for one summer camp where he trained for missile qualifications. He also went to Turkey for Operation Northern Watch three times (1997, 1999 & 2000). David retired as a Master Sergeant (E7) in 2002.

Throughout his career, David Platt traveled the world, visiting many foreign countries and US States.

April 22, 2021

Post 735 Veterans of Foreign Wars presents ROTC Awards at

Idaho State University

From Left to Right:

VFW Sr. Vice Commander: Gerrad Montgomery

MSI – Cadet David White

MSII – Cadet Wilfred Idemudia

MSIII – Cadet Sierra Paulk

MSIV – Cadet McKenzie Messick

VFW Commander Richard Hollingsworth

Kermit Morrison provided friends, family, and fellow members of Post 735 VFW with a brief autobiography on March 17, 2021.

      Kermit grew up in Buhl, Idaho, graduated from High School in 1963 and was immediately drafted for a physical in Boise, Idaho. He was then sent to Fort Ord, California where he underwent US Army basic training and progressed to Fort Rucker, Alabama where he qualified as an aircraft mechanic for the twin-engine Caribou. At Fort Benning, Georgia, the 92nd AVN Co was assembled for Vietnam.

     The Caribou aircraft was very popular in Vietnam has it had a 6,000 pounds payload and could negotiate unimproved and short runways. Acting as Crew Chief for one of these aircraft, Kermit was instrumental in providing ammunition and other supplies to Special Forces and Green Beret outposts.

     On completing his tour of duty in Vietnam, Kermit returned to Travis AFB, California where Vietnam protesters were burning US Flags and spitting on and yelling at returning servicemen. Moving on to Fort Eustis, Virginia, he successfully wrestled in the US Army internal program for his remaining term of enlistment.

     He returned to Pocatello, Idaho where he attended ISU, became licensed as an Aircraft Mechanic, and wrestled for ISU for 2 years while working for Rowland’s Dairy. After ISU graduation, Kermit has remained active in local athletic programs and various other community activities. He is currently an active member of Post 735 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Kermit displays a quilt representing the milestones in his life.

Exemplary Citizen Award

Post 735 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States has created an award to recognize unsung heroes of our community.

Mr. Darwin Morrison is shown with Richard Hollingsworth, Commander of Post 735 VFW.

Mr. Darwin Morrison is the first recipient of this Exemplary Citizen Award. The award was presented to him on March 17, 2021 to recognize his unselfish contributions to the welfare of our community. His willingness to put others needs before his own makes him a model Good Samaritan and an example of citizenship for us all.


On Saturday, December 19, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 735 had the honor of assisting the Civil Air Patrol in placing Wreaths Across America at the Mountain View Cemetery at the Veterans Memorial. The Civil Air Patrol members, placed over 400 wreaths at military burial plots. Veterans of Foreign War members, Ms Debra Harman, Mr Owen Buffaloe, Mr Clint MacLeod, and Mr Richard Hollingsworth provided the firing of the volleys and taps was sounded.

The Pocatello Veterans Honor Guard provides Military Rites for deceased veterans.

Pocatello Veterans Honor Guard

Phone: (208) 221-0077

Patriot Guard Riders receive recognition by Post 735 VFW and the PVHG.